TOPICS: International forum "DIGITAL FIRST" in customer service - 2023

New rules of the Financial Defense Regulator

  • Power Banking project
  • Aspects of cyber security
    in the banking sector of Ukraine during the war
  • Using Europe’s cloud services,USA and Canada for data storage
  • ATM roaming

Cyber security threats: operational and reputational risks

  • Complex cyber protection of banks
  • Protection of mobile (remote) employees
  • Protection of network infrastructure in banks and non-banks financial companies
  • Data security, online access and user management
  • Zero trust access
  • Security of cloud infrastructure
  • Risk management of the realization of informational threats

How can banks benefit?

  • SED service for B2B
  • The use of KEP is a guarantee of the immutability of documents after signing
  • Automation of electronic document management systems, strengthening decisions
  • Embedding SED in online products
  • Storage in the database of electronic documents of any type, including the use of a qualified EDS
  • EDS support and encryption of electronic documents
  • Embedding EDO in online products

How automation changes business processes?

  • Built-in CRM platforms, scoring solutions, personalized recommendations and advice, business analytics
  • CRM, ERP, BPM, EDM technologies
  • Automation and management of business processes: Management of contracts, Personnel processes, Office, Management of meetings, Financial archive, Management of risks, Management of quality
  • Robotization of the financial sphere
  • Omnichannel customer service, (KYC)
  • Automation of credit, deposit and factoring operations
  • Automation of internal operations (Front and Back Office)

Migration to the cloud

  • Cloud services for mobile devices and websites
  • Fast and safe migration to the cloud of a large volume of data
  • Transition of a bank, financial company to a private, hybrid cloud (data control and security)
  • Analytics in the field of risk management and security regulatory requirements
  • Virtual workstations (VDI)
  • Transfer of processing capacities to cloud services by migration
  • Fully managed cloud data processing center (Data Center-as-a-Service) for banks and financial companies
  • Card payments in the cloud
  • Transfer of operating day and client data to DATA centers of the European Union

Payment methods, trends and processing technologies payments

  • Implementation of SEP-4 and International standard ISO 20022
  • Implementation of payment innovations using a mobile phone
  • Prudential regulations for non-bank suppliers payment services
  • Electronic payment systems Online
  • Cross-border payments
  • Applications for mobile payments
  • Mobile wallets
  • Contactless payments

What awaits small banks

  • How to attract a potential client and keep an existing one in wartime conditions?
  • The most interesting «features» are available in mobile applications of Ukrainian banks
    Digitization of customer service channels
  • Bank in smartphone
  • Digital banking platform
  • The best programs for mobile banking
  • Neobanks, mobile banking, digital banking

To attract filter out to guess

  • An intellectual workplace in the conditions of war employees working remotely and in the office
  • Seamless access to data and applications
    (limited data availability)
  • Data backup and replication. Practical cases
    Assessment of creditworthiness of legal entities and individuals with the help of data-based machine learning algorithms
  • Big Data – lead generation
  • Big Data, AI in banking and finance
  • Best solutions and working cases

Client experience. What does a client expect from
a modern bank?

  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • User experience (UX)
  • Customer service
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • What does the client expect from a modern bank?
  • An approach to the transformation of client experience
  • Metrics for evaluation and management of customer experience

This is very important!

  • Verification using the Bank ID System of the NBU and KEP
  • Remote registration of B2B clients for banks and financial companies with full or simplified identification
  • Simplified models of remote identification
  • Remote reading of data from the document chip by the client – with the help of a smartphone and a program