Topics of the International Forum “MORE DIGITAL BANKING”. Wartime and money»

  • Zero Trust Access
  • Subjects of information protection, which are subject to stricter requirements
  • Mandatory information security documents
  • Features of using a password policy
  • Protection system management
  • Critical room requirements
  • Authentication and identification requirements for banks and financial companies
  • Requirements for access to information systems of banks and financial companies
  • Malware and virus protection
  • Cryptographic means of information protection
  • Features of using an electronic signature
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
  • DLP (Data Leak Prevention)
  • Implementation and certification of ISO 27001
  • Managed threat detection and response
  • Design, testing and implementation of information security systems
  • Data Security / Access and User Management
  • Cloud Infrastructure Security
  • Management of risks of implementation of information threats
  • Security of data processing using digital technologies when transferring funds or other financial transactions (transactions)
  • Protection of mobile (remote) employees
  • Protection of network infrastructure in banks and non-banking financial companies

New Rules of the Regulator in the Conditions of Financial Defense

  • Architecture of regulations in the field of banking and financial services markets
  • Basic principles of monetary policy, regulation of the activities of non-banking financial institutions
  • Law “On insurance”, significantly changing the rules of work in the market
  • PSD 2 principles in the new law
  • CBDC – a new answer to all questions?

How automation is changing business processes

  • Built-in CRM platforms, scoring solutions, personalized recommendations and advice, commercial analytics
  • CRM, ERP, BPM, EDM technologies
  • Automation and business process management: Contract management, HR processes, Office, Meeting management, Financial archive, Risk management, Quality management
  • Automation of credit, deposit and factoring operations
  • The work of the financial sector
  • Data management as the basis of digital transformation
  • Digital transformation of customer service and its analysis
  • BIG DATA – lead generation
  • Omnichannel customer service

Going digital

  • О digitization and synchronization of work with data based on a technological platform    
  • EDMS service for B2B
  • The use of CEP is a guarantee of the invariability of documents after signing
  • Automation of electronic document management systems, strengthening solutions
  • Embedding EDMS in online products
  • Implementation of a full range of financial products, business processes and mandatory reporting
  • Storage in the database of electronic documents of any type, including using a qualified digital signature
  • Maintaining analytical accounts and financial transactions using the universal general ledger
  • Preliminary work with candidates and loan applications
  • Lending activities and all types of derivative financial instruments
  • Cash transactions without opening an account – currency exchange, money transfers, utility and address payments, BOT and SWIFT payments
  • Calculation of credit risk and provisioning
  • Maintenance of schedules of planned events and cash flows under customer contracts, calculation of the effective rate, discounting
  • Building corporate Front End systems, including those with a Web interface
  • Construction of regulatory reporting of non-banking financial institutions to the NBU in XML format

Cloud migration is a journey, not a destination

  • Transition of a bank, financial company to a private cloud (data control and security)
  • Cloud computing and outsourcing
  • SaaS software products as a service
  • Internal data analysis and reporting
  • Analytics in the field of risk management and compliance with the requirements of the regulator
  • Virtual Desktops (VDI)


  • Virtual infrastructure and cloud (IaaS)
  • Smart DRaaS
  • Cloud VDS
  • remote office

Attract, Filter, Guess

  • Intelligent workplace in the conditions of war and remote work
  • Organization of an intelligent workplace for employees working in the office
  • Backup and replication for banks. Practical cases
  • Assessing the Creditworthiness of Individuals Using Data-Based Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Uninterrupted access to data and applications (limited data availability)
  • Fully managed cloud data center (Data Center-as-a-Service) for banks and financial companies
  • Experience in digitizing and synchronizing work with data from banks and financial companies

War and money

  • Bank as a service operator
  • Development of IT technologies as the main factor in the development of financial ecosystems
  • Customer service as the main factor in the development of banking ecosystems
  • Artificial intelligence as the main driver
  • Convenient and high-quality services on one technological platform
  • Creation of the bank ecosystem
  • Ecosystem for SMEs
  • RBS as the basis of the ecosystem

What’s happening with payments

  • Prudential regulations for non-bank payment service providers
  • Digital currency of the National Bank of Ukraine
  • Bringing payment innovations to life with a mobile phone
  • Payments with bank cards and electronic wallets for online projects
  • Analysis of current problems of transcordon financial transactions
  • Compliance market crossborder
  • Integration of payment infrastructures of the EU and Ukraine
  • Crypto wallets with access to bank accounts
  • Trends in the impact of war on segments of the payment market and the speed of recovery
  • Digital currency of the National Bank of Ukraine
  • Bringing payment innovations to life with a mobile phone
  • Payments with bank cards and electronic wallets for online projects
  • Payment links in social networks, instant messengers, via chat bots, email and SMS mailings
  • Payments Market (Payments Online)
  • Organization of payment acceptance on the website and in the mobile application
  • Carrying out financial settlements on accepted payments. Customer support for payers
  • Contactless payments, NFC, HCE, Cloud payments
  • Remote payment acceptance service, cloud internet service capabilities
  • Development and modification of Internet banking and mobile banking in the field of transfers and payments

Get a loan online during the war in Ukraine

  • Resilience to crises and force majeure
  • New scoring models, new marketing approaches, new customer behavior
  • What legislative acts regulate the work of MFIs in Ukraine in wartime conditions

Good habits: transfer money online

  • Through retail chains
  • Using a mobile phone
  • Chat translations
  • Multi currency accounts, Transfer and exchange of traditional and digital money
  • Secure multi-signature wallets
  • Money transfer services, from card to card, payment of bills by details
  • Transfers to any payment card of the Ukrainian bank of the issuer
  • Transfers within Ukraine and abroad

New standards

  • Platform building
  • Online banking solution
  • Examples of the Best Open API Portals
  • Open API – publicly available application programming interface
  • Priority directions for starting the implementation of the strategy in the field of Open API
  • The main blocks of the banking API ecosystem

Convenient mobile banking. Best services and operations

  • Security management
  • How to hook a potential client and keep an existing one in wartime?
  • Digital banking platform
  • Bank in smartphone
  • Best Mobile Banking Software
  • Digitization of customer service channels
  • Mobile and internet banking capabilities
  • The most interesting “features” available in mobile applications of Ukrainian banks

Application practice in Ukraine

  • Verification using the NBU Bank ID System and CEP
  • Remote reading by the client of data from the document chip using a smartphone and the company’s application
  • Videos identification
  • Simplified remote identification models
  • Verification using the BANK ID system of the NBU and CEP
  • Development and modification of mobile banking in the field of transfers and payments
  • Remote registration of B2B clients for banks and financial companies with full or simplified identification
  • Secure user digital identity management
  • Providing support for banking operations during remote servicing