ТЕМИ International Conference: «DIGITALIZATION BANKING: the next stage – 2024»

The principle – “In advance”

The architecture of new laws on the market of banking and non-banking services      

The main updated areas of regulation

Key innovations: updated approaches to the supervision of market participants

The main threats faced by banks, insurance and microfinance companies


Social Engineering (Social Engineering)

Leaks and damage to information (Threats against data)

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks

Attacks on violation of availability (Internet threats)

Disinformation & Misinformation

Attacks through support chains (Supply chain attack)

A cloud threat to cyber security

Fraud and identity theft

Risk management

How can banks, insurance and microfinance companies benefit?

Modern solutions for intelligent processing of documents

SED service for B2B

EDO, Automation of document flow

The use of KEP is a guarantee of the immutability of documents after signing

Exchange of structured documents and data, which speeds up customer service processes

Automation of electronic document management systems, strengthening of decisions

Embedding SED in online products

Storage of any type of electronic documents in the database, including using a qualified EDS

EDS support and encryption of electronic documents

Automation of the credit process from “A” to “Z” for legal entities

Lending platforms


It is very important

Remote identification and verification

Simplified models of remote identification

Verification using the BankID, NBU, KEP, DIA System

Remote registration of B2B customers for banks and financial
companies with full or simplified identification?

Signing an array of documents

Providing support for banking operations during remote service

Flexible integration of KEP

Remote reading of data from the document chip by the client –
using a smartphone and an application

Securely manage the digital identity of users

Where banking and finance meets technology

Complex solutions of ERP-Management of contracts – Personnel processes, Office, Management of meetings, Financial archive

Risk management, quality management to increase the bank’s digital efficiency

Built-in CRM platforms, scoring solutions, personalized recommendations and advice, commercial analytics

Automation of bank business processes without programming

CRM, ERP, BPM and EDM technologies: their role in business process automation

Robotization of the financial sphere

Omnichannel customer service, (KYC)

Automation of credit, deposit and factoring operations

What does a banking and financial institution need?

Reliable cloud data center


Emergency recovery

Second generation cloud offerings, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services

Cloud solutions for processing mission-critical workloads

Computing, storage, networking, database and platform services

Design, deploy, and manage modern, mobile-first, API-driven cloud applications

Cloud storage of data archives

Organization of the cloud environment, development and testing

Backup data center in cloud resources

Database scaling

Cloud services for mobile devices and websites

Fast and secure cloud migration of large volumes of data

Transition of a bank, financial company to a private, hybrid cloud (data control and security)

Analytics in the field of risk management and ensuring the requirements of the Regulator

Virtual Desktops (VDI)

Computing power

Placement of the Bank’s Websites

How Cloud IT and Generative AI Can Help Banks in Wartime

Payment methods, trends and payment processing technologies

NBU electronic payment system (SEP-4.0)

Implementation of payment innovations using a mobile phone

Implementation of the international standard for the exchange of payment
messages – ISO 20022

Prudential regulations for non-bank providers of payment services

A modern online platform for making money transfers

Applications for mobile payments

Mobile wallets

“Prostir” card: new opportunities for development in Ukraine and in the co-badge project with Union Card 2. Onboarding of FOP and individuals

Innovative payment systems

Mobile banking is not a strategy, it is the norm!

Neobanks, mobile banking, digital banking

Development and modification of mobile banking in the field of transfers and payments

Digital banking platform

Balance and transaction history

Bank in smartphone

Mobile and internet banking options

Transfers and payments

The best interesting “features” that are available in mobile applications
of Ukrainian banks

Receipt and payment of bills

Personal payments

Digitization of customer service channels

Sending funds directly to a bank account

Deactivation and activation of payment cards

Text and email alerts


Success of neobanks (IZZI, Sport Bank, neobank) – operational FR, profitability, number of active clients


The Alchemy of Big Data: How Banks Can Maximize the Value of Their Customer Data

BIG DATA, AI in banking and finance. The best solutions and working cases

BIG DATA – lead generation

SMS, Viber, Facebook through the prism of AI

Chat bots in messengers, Chat GPT-4 and GPT-4.0

Data management as the basis of digital transformation

What we know about customers and how it will help the banking business

Understanding customer behavior and using new
machine learning models to make more informed
algorithmic decisions regarding lending to customers

Customer evaluation and categorization


Evaluation of sentiments and reviews

Prevention of fraud and cybercrime

Cross sell

What does a client expect from a modern bank?

Useful tools: Action, OpenDataBot, ID.GOV.UA, Identification, KEP, Liveness, Client questionnaire, Black Lists, TOT, Communications, Monitoring

How to make banking and financial services as convenient as possible
for users

An approach to transforming the customer experience

Customer Experience Evaluation and Management Metrics

Financial monitoring – new requirements

Management of electronic questionnaires of counterparties according to the format and requirements of the NBU

Identification of customers and counterparties according to KYC and AML standards

Information on due diligence measures for clients and their financial transactions

A digital bank needs a human approach

The Human Touch – What Does it Mean in a Digital Banking

SuperApps – friend or foe of banks

Super Apps: a new chapter in the world of digital banking