International Conference: «Digital service and customer experience in Wartime - 2023»

TOPIKS International Conference: «Digital service and customer experience in wartime - 2023»

Critical infrastructure

  • Comprehensive cyber protection of banks
    Protection of mobile (remote) employees
    Modernization of financial monitoring processes
    Protection of databases. which contain information related to the transfer of funds
    Protection of network infrastructure in banks and non-banking financial companies
    Storage rules and data storage accessibility policy
    DLP systems for banks and financial companies
    Data security, access and user management online
    Zero trust access
    Protection system management
    Cloud infrastructure security
    Risk management of information threats

New rules of the Regulator under the terms of financial defense

  • The Power Banking project is a perimeter built on the basis of regular bank branches that will provide financial services to customers in conditions of a long-term lack of electricity supply
  • Aspects of ensuring cyber security in the banking sector of Ukraine during the war
  • Use of cloud services in Europe, USA and Canada to save data
  • ATM roaming

How automation changes business processes

  • Built-in CRM platforms, scoring solutions, personalized recommendations and advice, commercial analytics
    CRM, ERP, BPM, EDM technologies
    Automation and management of business processes: Contract management, HR processes, Office, Meeting management, Financial archive, Risk management, Quality management
    Robotization of the financial sphere
    BIG DATA – lead generation
    Omnichannel customer service
    Data management as the basis of digital transformation

About digital and synchronization of work with data based on a technological platform

  • SED service for B2B
  • The use of KEP is a guarantee of the immutability of documents after signing
  • Automation of electronic document management systems, strengthening of decisions
  • Embedding SED in online products
  • Implementation of a full range of financial products, business processes and mandatory reporting
  • Storage in the database of electronic documents of any type, including using a qualified EDS
  • Management of analytical accounts and financial transactions using the universal general ledger
  • Preliminary work with candidates and loan applications

Migrating to the cloud during wartime

  • Cloud services for mobile devices and websites
  • Fast and secure cloud migration of large volumes of data
  • Transition of a bank, financial company to a private cloud
    (data control and security)
  • Cloud computing and outsourcing
  • SaaS software products as a service
  • Analysis of internal data and preparation of reports
  • Analytics in the field of risk management and assurance
    regulatory requirements
  • Virtual Desktops (VDI)

Attract, Filter, Guess

  • A wartime intelligent workplace for remote employees
  • Organization of an intelligent workplace for employees working in the office
  • Uninterrupted access to data and applications (limited data availability)
  • Backup and Replication for Banks
  • Practical cases
  • Assessment of creditworthiness of individuals using data-based machine learning algorithms
  • Fully managed cloud data center (Data Center-as-a-Service) for banks and financial companies
  • Experience of digitization and synchronization of work with data, banks and financial companies

In conditions of limited funding

  • The bank as a service operator
  • The development of IT technologies as the main factor of development
    financial ecosystems
  • Customer service as the main factor of development
    banking ecosystems
  • Artificial intelligence as the main driver
  • Convenient and high-quality services on one technological platform
  • Creating a bank ecosystem
  • Ecosystem for SMEs DBO as the basis of the ecosystem

What is happening now with payments

  • Implementation of payment innovations using a mobile phone
  • Prudential regulations for non-bank payment service providers
  • Digital currency of the National Bank of Ukraine
  • Payments using bank cards and electronic wallets
    for internet projects
  • Analysis of current problems of cross-border financial transactions (onboarding)

Where there may be potential synergy

  • Resistance to crises and force majeure
  • New scoring models, new approaches in marketing, new customer behavior
  • What legislative acts regulate the work of MFIs in Ukraine in wartime conditions

Useful habits: transfer money online

  • Through trade and retail networks
    Using a mobile phone
    Chat transfers
    Multi-currency accounts, Transfer and exchange of traditional and digital money
    Secure multi-signature wallets
    Services of money transfers, from card to card, payment of bills by details
    Transfers to any payment card of the issuer’s Ukrainian bank
    Transfers both in Ukraine and abroad

Comprehensive assessment

  • Priority directions for the start of strategy implementation in the field of Open API
    Open API is a publicly available application programming interface
    Solutions for online banking
    Examples of the best Open API portals
    The main building blocks of the banking API ecosystem

What awaits small banks

  • How to hook a potential client and keep an existing one in wartime conditions?
  • The most interesting “features” are available in mobile applications of Ukrainian banks
  • Digitization of customer service channels
  • Bank in smartphone
  • Possibilities of mobile and internet banking
  • Digital banking platform
  • The best apps for mobile banking

Application practice in Ukraine

  • Remote identification and verification
  • Simplified models of remote identification
  • Verification using
    NBU and KEP Bank ID systems
  • Securely manage a user’s digital identity
  • Providing support for banking operations during remote service
  • Remote reading of data by the client from the document chip using a smartphone and the company’s program
  • Video identification