New rules of the Regulator during the financial year defense

Vision of the NBU regarding development SupTech (Sup Tech) and PerTech (Reg Technology)

Transition to a new one generation systems electronic of payments of the NBU (SEP-4.0) and the international standard ISO 20022

Regulation of the non-bank market financial services

How the National Bank contributes financial stability

Informational reaper payment company – security #ШахрайГудбай

Rating stability banks and banking systems in conditions wartime _

Financial monitoring

The main ones threats cyber security with which are facing banks

Cyber attacks on the software supply chain software


Social engineering

Malware and ransomware

Cloudy threat cyber security

Behavior customers


Unencrypted data

Fraud and theft personal data

Comprehensive cyber protection of banks

Protection mobile ( remote ) employees

Protection network infrastructure in banks and non-bank
financial companies

Security data , access and user management online

Access from zero trust

Security cloudy infrastructure

Management risks implementation informative threats

How banks can get profit?

Service for B2B

The use of KEP is a guarantee constancy documents
after signature

Automation of electronic systems document circulation, strengthening solutions

Embedding SED in online products

Storage in the database data of any kind types electronic documents , including with use qualified EDS

EDP and encryption support electronic documents

Embedding EDO in online products

As automation changes business processes?

Built- in CRM platforms , scoring solutions , personalized recommendations and advice , commercial analytics

CRM, ERP, BPM, EDM technologies

Automation and control business processes : contract management , HR processes , Office , Management meetings , Financial archive , Administration risks , Management quality

Robotization financial spheres

Omnichannel service customers , (KYC)

Automation credit , deposit and factoring operations

The main ones applications cloudy

Detection and prevention fraud

Cloudy services for mobile devices and sites

Fast and safe high – volume cloud migration data

Transfer of bank, financial companies to a private ,
hybrid cloud (control and security data )

Analytics in the industry risk management and compliance with
regulatory requirements

Virtual workers places (VDI)

Transfer processing cloud capacities _ services
by migration

Fully controlled cloud processing center data
( Data Center – as -a- Service ) for banks and financial institutions companies

Cards payments in the cloud

Transfer operating day and client days
data to DATA centers of the European Union

Methods , trends and technologies payment processing

Implementation payment innovation with the help of mobile phone

Prudential regulations for non-banks payment providers

Programs for mobile payments

Mobile wallets

Online payment platform , payment systems gateways

Postponed payments

SEPA payments

Mobile and online money transfers

Software provision for processing payments

Software security for payments on payments

Software provision for release payment cards

Software provision for analytics payments

What is waiting small banks?

Balance and history transactions

Transfers and payments

Receipt and payment of bills

Personal payments

Dispatch funds directly to the bank score

Deactivation and activation payment cards

Text and electronic notification

accounting record

What to attract potential client and keep existing
in the conditions wartime ?

The most interesting ” features ” are available in mobile applications Ukrainian banks

Digitization of channels service customers

Bank in smartphone

Digital banking platform

The best applications for mobile banking

Neobanks, mobile banking, digital banking

Alchemy big data : how banks can to maximize value data their own customers

Rating customers and categorization


Rating moods and reviews

Prevention fraud and cybercrime

Cross sell

Analysis structures expenses

Analysis risks

Intellectual working place in conditions wars for
employees who _ are working remotely and in the office

Uninterrupted access to data and programs
( limited accessibility data )

Reserve copying and replication data . Practical cases

Rating creditworthiness legal and physical persons
with the help of based on machine learning algorithms data

The best solutions and working cases

Client’s experience  – What is waiting client from modern bank?

Client’s experience (CX)

Experience user experience (UX)

Client’s service

Management customer relations (CRM )

For what is waiting client from modern bank?

Approach to transformation client’s experience

Evaluation and management metrics client’s by experience

It very importantly

Simplified models remote identification

Verification using _ Systems Bank ID of the NBU and KEP

Distant registration of B2B clients for banks and financial institutions companies in full or simplified identification

Simplified models remote identification

Remote read a client data from document chip –
using a smartphone and an application

Integration into the investor’s legal structure

Financial audit reporting

Expectation financial forecast

Tax risks

Experience stacking M&A deals

Personnel and level him examinations

Availability and qualification internal resources

Banking technology , equipment and services


Automation processing cash

Payment terminals – manufacturing and maintenance

Banking safes , where

Currency detectors

Bill settlement cars

Depository box